Professional Stump Removal in Roseburg

A common problem with amateur tree removal services is that they often leave the stump behind, which does very little in solving the issues that the original tree caused, from taking up space, to creating a potential safety hazard, and simply being an eyesore that diminishes the look of your landscape. These problems require a solution only a professional service can provide.

If you need to get rid of a tree stump for any reason in the Roseburg area, reach out to Advanced Tree Service today. Our tree care crew has over two decades of experience and the right tools to remove a variety of obstructive tree stumps. We guarantee to remove the obstruction entirely.

Stump Destruction Experts

As mentioned before, inexperienced tree or stump removal services only destroy the surface part of the stump, while leaving the complex root system underneath it behind. This malpractice permits the stump to remain in place, and even allows the opportunity for regrowth, making the initial removal a complete waste of time, resources, and money.

The experienced crew at Advanced Tree Service understands that addressing the problem at the root cause is important to ensure the stump never causes any problems again. We use our expertise, as well as a line of different grinding devices, so we can remove and eliminate stumps of all sizes and shapes. Using these devices gives us the appropriate tools and resources to handle a variety of stump situations, rather than an ineffective one-size-fits-all approach often found with other tree service companies.

Grinding Equipment for all Stump Cases

Our Roseburg crew uses three different types of stump grinders to address all stump situations:

• Vermeer 752: This grinding option tackles larger stumps where wide, deep digging is needed.
• Rayco RG50: This device simplifies the process of destroying stumps covered by other yard obstacles.
• 20 Horsepower Stumper: This small grinder can take care of stumps in places more difficult to reach.

No matter what type of stump is taking up space in your yard, or what obstacles are in the way, you can rely on Advanced Tree Service to take the situation seriously. We handle a variety of jobs that most other tree contractors cannot. By the time our workers leave your yard or landscape, so will the stump and any leftover debris.

If you are ready to start that planting project that the stump prevents or simply want to get rid of the ugly stump that ruins the beauty of your Roseburg landscape, contact Advanced Tree Service today. We look forward to collaborating with you.