Winter’s Coming! Some Landscaping Tips For the Lawn!

The seasons are cyclical, and so is yard work! Even as you work on your summer lawn, you need to mentally prepare for the steps that need to be taken through the fall. Your lawn will come back stronger and greener in the spring if you take care of it in the now, so consider these tips for the Rogue Valley:
• Keep watering. People often think that grass stops growing and dies in the winter, and doesn’t need watering until spring. This is completely untrue; grass becomes dormant in the winter, but it still needs moisture. Snowfall varies in the Rogue Valley from year to year. Some year’s there isn’t enough snowfall to see your lawn through the winter, and some years there’s not. Pay attention to the precipitation and the temperatures during the winter, so that you can water if there are long stretches with little snow.
• Feed your lawn at the end of fall, just before winter sets in. Many experts believe that this is the most important feeding of the year. At this time of year, feeding your lawn will strengthen the roots and increase nitrogen storage so that the grass will green up sooner next spring, and be healthier next summer.
• Mow grass until growing slows down, then stop. The blades need to be at a medium length; if they’re too short, the cold wind reaches the roots and results in dead spots in the spring; if they’re too long, the grass could develop mold or disease over the winter.
• Rake up and remove leaves and other debris regularly. Grass still needs light through the winter months; keep it clean so the winter sun can reach it. Leaving leaves, trash bags, heavy objects, and even large toys on the grass over the winter may cause mold and disease to collect under the objects.
• Remove weeds and foreign plants from your lawn; spray weed killer before the winter sets in. When spring comes you won’t have to deal with the same weeds you had in the fall.
• Aerate your lawn in the fall; it helps fertilizer, water, and air get deep into your grass.

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