What Can an Arborist Do For You?

21409326_sYour home is an investment, and the trees on it are an integral part of the value of your home, your property, and your quality of life. Ideally, a homeowner would call us in to evaluate and care for their trees on an annual basis. When we come in, we will examine and assess the condition of all the trees and woody shrubs on your property, and determine a course of action for their care. Our annual schedule for caring for your trees would include:
• Pruning & Trimming of Trees: Individual trees need different kinds of pruning to improve their health and appearance, as well as making sure they are safe and do not interfere with power, phone lines, or your roof.
• Tree Removal: An arborist can determine whether a tree should be removed, but we only remove trees as a last resort.
• Emergency Tree Care: Storms, wind, and weather can cause major damage to your trees. When this happens the damaged limbs need to be removed as a safety precaution, as well as to ensure the ongoing health of the tree and surrounding property.
• Tree Health: When a tree shows signs of illness such as dying limbs, browning and loss of leaves, etc., an arborist can diagnose the problem and usually correct it before you lose the tree.
• Planting: Planting a tree in your yard is truly an important decision and investment. An arborist can recommend which tree will do well in the area where you want to plant it. We can then pick it and plant it for you as well.
We also handle insect control, cabling your young trees, aeration, fertilization, hedge trimming, and lot clearing – and those are just a few of the services the expert arborists at Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping can provide for you!

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