Suggestions for Fast Growing Shade Trees in Southern Oregon

4664268_sDo you have a back deck that’s taking a beating from the sun, or a patio that’s sizzling in summer? There are a number of fast-growing shade trees that work well in Southern Oregon! Here are a few we like to recommend; they grow fast, aren’t particularly messy (annoying fruits, etc), they’re hearty, and generally easy to care for. All of these trees have excellent growth rates, often 2 to 4 feet a year:

• Yellow poplars
• Maples (not Japanese, red is good)
• Shumard oak
• Sawtooth oak
• Burr oak
• Sycamore
• Chinese/Drake Elm
• Willow oak
• River birch
• Bald cypress
• Crape myrtle
• Catalpa
• Chinese pistache

The geography around Southern Oregon is unusual in that the eco-climates can change in less than a mile, and a tree we might recommend for one block might not be the tree we would recommend a few blocks over. We are always happy to consult on this kind of thing at Advanced Tree & Landscaping, so give us a call!

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