Why Is Pruning Important?

remove tree power wiresPruning is an important aspect of taking care of trees and other plants. However, many people often ignore this aspect of tree or plant care, and thus causes to them to suffer the consequences of problems caused by not pruning the trees. When done properly, pruning can bring various benefits to you, your property and the tree or plant as well.


The most important reason why you need to have trees pruned is because of safety reasons. When trees become too tall and start to branch out, they touch electrical wires and lines which can be one cause of electrocution. In addition to this, dead branches have the tendency to fall down on people, roofs or even cars when a strong wind or storm comes. In order to minimize the risks, pruning the branches and are necessary. One should not also wait until the problem arises before having the tree pruned. It is best to have it pruned regularly in order to prevent these problems from occurring.

Tree Health

Pruning also brings several benefits to the tree’s health. Sometimes, a dead tree branch impedes or disrupts the growth of a younger and healthier branch. Thus, by getting rid of the old and dead branch, the younger one has better chances of growing and developing. In addition to this, the leaves of a tree can become too thick and crowded. This will leave lesser room for the new leaves to grow. To promote the healthy growth of leaves, it is important to have the leaves pruned and thinned.


Trees have also become important decorations for the outdoors, and depending in the type and appeal of the tree, can increase the value of the land and property. However, in order to fully enjoy this benefit, a tree must appear to be trimmed and well-taken care of, and pruning can help tremendously in this aspect. Pruning can help to influence the way that a tree grows. When done right, one can shape the tree into a desired fashion through pruning by removing certain branches.

Despite these benefits, improper pruning of a tree can also cause accidents and even the death of a tree. Thus, leave this to professionals who are more adept and better trained at handling these types of jobs.

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