Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

15579510_sBefore you head outside to start doing your holiday landscape decorating, make sure that you have a plan for safety.

Many people enjoy getting the outside of their home just as festive and full of holiday cheer as the inside of their home. But, with the weather outside being as cold and wet as it has been, outdoor landscape decorating can be a bit hazardous and should be met with safety and precaution.

In fact, each year more than 11,000 people are treated in emergency rooms across the Country for injuries they have sustained during holiday season decorating. It doesn’t seem that such a fun activity would be so dangerous, but electrical shocks, falls, and cuts are all common hazards this time of year.

Make sure to follow these safety tips while you are decorating the outside of your home this season:

  • Check all of the walkways around your home to make sure there isn’t any spots that are slippery with ice or puddles. Also, remove any children’s toys or garden tools that might be cluttering the walkway. Often, you will be looking up at your home or trees while decorating and might not notice an obstacle before it is too late. Don’t leave cords or decorations left laying out on walkways while you are decorating as these will then become tripping hazards.
  • Make sure that the gutters on your home are clean and free from any debris. If the debris in the gutters dries out, it could become a fire hazard as the dried twigs and leaves are perfect fire-starter. Use a sturdy ladder, gloves, and a small shovel to scoop the material out of the gutters and leave a clear path for the water to move.
  • Before installing any lights or decorations make sure all of the cords, bulbs, and plugs are in good shape and free from any damage or fraying. Look for chewing marks or damage caused by rodents as well. These items are stored for most of the year so, it is not unusual for rodents to have gotten to them and chewed holes.

If you are planning on decorating the outside of your home this holiday season, make sure that safety is top of mind. Nothing will halt your efforts at holiday cheer faster than falling off of a ladder!

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