Are Your Trees Ready For Summer Cookouts?

18568570_sWe are well into the summer months and many families have been busily checking off activities from their fun in the sun to-do list.


Most households reserve their family vacations and time off from work to the summer months because the weather is so nice and, the kids are out of school for a few weeks.


This is also the time of year when folks enjoy having backyard barbecues and hosting neighbors for block parties. The summer season is a time for connecting with people you haven’t seen in awhile and really enjoying some outdoor time.


But, if you are planning to have people over this summer, you might be concerned with your landscaping and how comfortable your outdoor space is. This is especially true if you have trees in your yard that haven’t been cared for or pruned in a while.


Having friends and family over is a great way to spend time together, unless you are all standing outdoors under a sick or damaged tree!


Here are a few signs that your trees might needs some care:


  • If your tree is dropping leaves excessively, this might be a sign that the branches are not healthy. It is normal for trees to drop leaves during certain times of the year – but, during the summer season your tree has been through the new growth of spring and should be strong and vital. If it is dropping a lot of leaves during these months, it might need to be inspected.
  • Having a tree drop a branch while you are having a barbecue with guests could be a real disaster and a homeowner’s nightmare! If during the last storm your tree lost any limbs or branches, make sure to have it inspected for damage or rot.
  • If the bark of your tree is showing bald spots or signs of peeling – this is a sign of trouble. If the bark is soft or even mushy, you should definitely have your tree inspected.


Don’t let your backyard barbecue turn into a nightmare by having a sick or ailing tree injury one of your guests. Make sure to look for these signs, and schedule a professional inspection for your tree if it is checking any of these boxes.

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