Help Your Trees This Winter with These Four Steps

­Trees face a long harsh road every winter. Storms, ice, and temperature changes stress even those accustomed to colder climes. Though forests are plentiful near Medford, trees that stand alone in yards face more risk than those in the forests – they lack the protection of other trees. Even though we can’t control the weather or climate, there are steps to help keep your trees safe and healthy during the winter.


1. Keep Up with Pruning

Though pruning is often a spring or summer activity, pruning in winter does have advantages. During winter, a tree lacks leaves and it’s easier to see what needs pruning. Doing this in the winter gives the tree plenty of time to recover before spring. A professional will be able to examine your trees to determine where cuts are needed, and do the job in a way that protects your trees from infection and insect habitats.


2. Mulch Trees for Optimal Health

The point where the trunk enters the ground forms the front line in protecting your tree’s health. Applying a thick layer of mulch after a good watering gives this vulnerable point a layer of protection it needs to avoid freezing and preserves moisture. It also helps deter weeds and stops erosion. New or young trees must have mulch to survive.


3. Water Your Trees Slowly

If you’re experiencing a cold, dry winter, you may need to water and mulch throughout the winter to protect your trees. If you have to water, do so slowly to allow the moisture to seep down into the soil without causing erosion. Reapply a fresh layer of mulch after doing this to trap the water in the soil. This process is especially important for conifers or other trees that remain green all winter.


4. Protect Against Storm Stresses

If you experience heavy or persistent snowfall, keep an eye on your tree’s branches. If you spot a heavy load building up, safely knock the snow free to prevent breaking or bending the tree can’t recover from. Do not try to remove ice; it’s dangerous and may even hurt the tree.


If you find yourself in need of tree service this winter – or anytime time of year – give Advanced Tree Service in Medford, OR a call.