Use Grass Clippings to Improve Your Lawn

At the beginning of spring, taking care of your lawn and maintaining an organized and beautiful
landscape is the goal of most homeowners. While the presence of grass clippings in your
sidewalks, driveways, and gutters is a major disturbance to that goal, leaving them in the lawn
itself can bring numerous, unexpected benefits.

Reduces Effort and Cost

For starters, picking up grass clippings after mowing your lawn is a hassle. Whether you are
using a bag attached to your mower or picking them up yourself, you can use that time and effort
for other lawn care priorities. Plus, if you leave clippings in your lawn, you no longer need to
spend money on paper bags and other disposal methods. An appropriate lawnmower cut
following the one-third rule will give you enough grass clippings to leave around.

Feeds the Plants

Grass clippings have components such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. These
components are also present in fertilizer. By allowing grass clippings to degrade in your lawn,
you allow the soil and the plants to absorb those nutrients in return. This practice can cut down
about 25% of fertilizer use, which also reduces the costs associated with it.

Increases Hydration

An additional advantage of grass clippings is that they are composed of up to 90% water, which
explains why they are always moist. This water composition allows the grass and plants in your
lawn to absorb it once the clippings degrade, which further encourages deeper roots, overall
growth, and the health of your lawn. You can also cut down on some water use and reduce your

Decreases Waste

Most grass clippings, particularly during older decades, were part of the waste composition in
landfills. In fact, according to the EPA, they composed around 22.8% of waste. The use of green
clippings has reduced this number to 18% by the 90s, and it continues to decrease. The reduction
of landfill waste leads to more available space and overall environmental sustainability. The
natural degradation of clippings further encourages sustainability.

Using the services of a Medford, Oregon lawn care company to get rid of grass clippings in
unwanted areas is always wise. However, if you use them carefully on the lawn itself, you can
benefit both your lawn and the environment in general.

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