All About Acorns and Oak Trees

Acorns and oak trees

mature oak treeOne of the most popular trees to grow across all states is the oak tree. Of course, it goes without saying that wherever an oak tree stands, there are countless of acorns scattered beneath it. If you have an oak in your lawn, backyard or the driveway, then you probably enjoyed listening to the soft “thud” that follows when those acorns fall onto your house’s roof or your car’s hood.

Or maybe not.

Yes, there are actually people who find these acorns pretty annoying, despite all those romantic and idealistic prose and poetry written about the mighty oak and their offspring, predominantly because of the mess that they usually make and not to mention all those critters that they invite for a feast.

However, these acorns are actually pretty amazing, as tiny as they may be.

For one, did you know that these acorns serve as food for well over a hundred species of feathered and furry animals? We are all aware that squirrels love this tasty treat, but aside from them, all other creatures, from the tiny deer mice to the huge black bear, all enjoy munching on acorns whenever available. Blue jays, pigeons, and even ducks usually include these in their diets. And these critters are actually pretty helpful in helping create oak forests, since acorns can only roll so far from the tree, it is the animals which scatter the seeds so they can grow into beautiful oaks.

winter acorns squirrelAlso, there are at least sixty types of oak trees in the US, all of which bears thousands of acorns each in a good year. Now that amounts to tons and tons of acorns, if anyone would care to weigh them. Did you know that an oak tree should be at least twenty years old before it starts bearing acorns? Furthermore, are you aware that only one out of a thousand acorns will actually grow into an oak tree? Well, that perhaps is quite evident given the number of animals that feed on them.

So the next time, you hear those “thuds” or come across and blanket of acorns in your yard, please don’t get mad. Oaks are pretty majestic trees (which is why they’re the national trees of so many countries like the USA, Moldova, Germany, and others), and they, along with their acorns, are important in sustaining wildlife and promoting equilibrium in the environment.

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