Outdoor Water-Saving Tips

36510190_sDuring the summer months, many families use a lot more water because of the hotter weather. For various things like: watering the lawn, irrigating plants, trees, and gardens, and playing with various water toys and swimming pools.

However, now that the first day of fall is upon us it is time to transition to stricter water-saving habits. It might seem like a strange thing to do since the fall season brings rain, but having more water doesn’t necessarily mean we need to use more water. In fact, because the weather is cooler those outdoor activities require less water, and it is important to adjust as such.

Here are some tips for you and your family to follow:

  • When a fall storm brings wet leaves, debris, and dirt onto your patio or driveway, don’t use the garden hose to wash it away. Instead, get out the broom or, even a leaf blower to get rid of the mess. Make sure to scoop up the large pieces rather than blow or sweep them into the street to avoid clogs and flooding in your city drainage system.
  • When the fall weather calls for rain, make sure to turn off your sprinkler system. These set it and forget it timers are great for saving water and making sure your lawn and landscaping are watered when you are away but, But, during the fall months this is not as much of a concern so, it is important to adjust your sprinkler schedule accordingly.
  • With the extra moisture and less direct sunlight, it is not as necessary to have a garden hose hooked up this time of year for spot-watering. Instead, connect your garden hose on as as-needed basis this time of year and disconnect as soon as you are done using it. Leaving a water hose connected during the cold weather can leave it vulnerable to freezing, which will lead to damage to your plumbing system.

The first day of fall is closing in and the weather will soon settle in to being cooler and wetter. Make sure to start these good water-saving habits now, and throughout the fall so that when spring arrives your landscaping and lawn are in good shape.


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