Fall Care For Your Trees

36778918_sLike most other parts of your home, the trees in your yard are vulnerable to the cold weather this is settling in. During the fall season, the weather is still mild enough that you can take steps to protect your trees from the cold weather.

Here are some fall tree care tips that you can follow to make sure that all of your trees are well cared for and protected come the cold weather:

  • During the severe hot and cold weather seasons, the trees in your yard lose vital nutrients. Unless the trees are a specific species that are made to withstand these significant weather patterns, the after effects can be quite damaging. Use the fall season to fortify your trees by adding slow-release fertilizer to replace the lost nutrients and bolster the tree against the colder temperatures. This will also prevent the tree from succumbing to disease and insects.
  • Along with the extra fertilization, make sure that your trees are receiving a hearty helping of water during the fall season. Making sure to give the tree plenty of water will help the tree to take the water all the way down to its roots. While the rest of the tree does not grow or produce during the cold weather season, the root system of a tree is always growing and having plenty of water will help the root system along.
  • Fall is the ideal time of year to plant new trees. The cooler temperatures help to reduce the chances of a young tree from being sunburned in the hot sun, or falling victim to drought. Planting a tree during the fall season with extra fertilizer and water will give the tree the best possible chance for substantial root system growth and a rest come the winter season.

The trees in your yard give so much to your family. Shade and clean air are second to none during the spring and summer seasons – not to mention the beauty and possible fruit that your trees provide. Make sure that you are giving your trees the support they need to withstand the cold temperatures that are just around the corner.

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