4 Ways To Keep Your Landscaping Protected From Winter Weather

11012281_sWith the temperatures dipping as low as they have been, and National news coverage of severe storms across the Country, there is no doubt that the winter season is in full swing.

In addition to thinking about how to keep yourself and your family safe and warm during these harsh weather patterns, it is important to think about how to care for your trees and shrubs.

You have invested a lot of money and time in your landscaping, and protecting it from Jack Frost is essential to ensuring that it is healthy and lush come spring time.

Here are some tips to follow for ensuring that the trees and shrubs of your landscaping are well cared for throughout the winter weather:

  • The weather season is very damp. Whether it is severe rainstorms or heavy thaws, there is a lot of water in the ground throughout the cold weather months. The best way to protect your shrubs and trees is to make sure that you have effective drainage on your property.
  • The cold air can be very drying to your trees and shrubs, so making sure that there is plenty of water in the right places is important. If the temperatures get low enough that the ground freezes, then your trees and shrubs can’t absorb moisture from the soil. Make sure you watch the temperatures and keep your trees and shrubs properly watered.
  • Adding mulch to the base of your shrubs and trees helps to protect the root system from the harsh winter weather. If you have a compost pile this is a good time to spread some padding around your bushes and trees. Or, a layer of store-bought mulch that is then covered in chicken wire or branches to keep it in place.
  • Talk to your professional landscaper about wrapping your trees. Sometimes, depending on the condition of the tree and the weather, it is necessary to wrap your trees in an effort to insulate them against the cold temperatures.

While the weather can be a bit unpredictable this time of year, there are plenty of things that you can do to protect your landscaping against every weather pattern. Talk with your landscaping technician about any concerns that you have and what your options are.

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