Tips For End Of Winter Tree And Landscaping Care

15846129_sDuring these cold weather months, most people don’t think about doing much in the way of gardening or yard work. But, there are some things that are best done during the late winter weeks so that the spring blossom period is optimized.

For many plants and landscaping elements, there is no need to wait until the weather is warm to tend to them. In fact, many plants can be made to bloom even stronger just by doing some late winter maintenance and tending.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Go around the outside of your home and trim off any dead branches or stems. Pay close attention to those that are broken or damaged due to the heavy winds. Clean all of the beds of your trees and plans and get all of the debris cleaned up.
  • Add compost to your garden beds and get the soil turned over and prepared for planting. Pull any weeds and debris out of the beds and make sure there haven’t been any animals that have decided to next nearby. Clean any standing water to avoid mosquito infestations.
  • Clean off your lawn furniture. Take out the garden hose and spray everything down. It might be a little early to bring the cushions out of storage, but the frames and table should be cleaned up. Leave the umbrellas in storage for a bit longer also.
  • Get your garden tools sharpened, cleaned, and oiled. You will be needing them soon for getting the garden beds planted. Find your garden gloves and get them washed up and ready for wear.
  • Start making a plan for the vegetable garden beds. Decide which vegetables you will be planting this year and start sourcing the seeds or sprouts. Make sure that you have the space for all that you want to grow, and if you need another bed installed this is the time to do that.

Your plants have just been through the harshness of winter, and once the weather is warmer outside, it is a good idea to give them some TLC and help to leverage their spring blooming. There are many ways that you can do this.


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